About BLG Community

Welcome to BLG Boost. You might know a lot about what us or like many, you may have just joined the community and want to know more.

For those who are long term Boosters, please go and focus on rapidly growing your business. For those who are new, here is what the community is about and a quick backstory as to how I built it.

What is it about

BLG Boost is a community for ex career people who are on a journey to rapidly growing a business they love, but may have lost their way.

See as humans we all need somewhere to belong. In your career that was relatively easy as you worked with colleagues in physical environment and had a sense of belonging.

You took a brave step and left to create your own business, but you soon found it was a new world full of surprising, temptations, learning moments and for many loneliness.

Many ex career people are used to having a direct manager, supportive peers, trusted suppliers and training. That was the good side of working in a career role. The politics, endless meetings, micro management and value misalignment overshadowed these benefits.

Now when you work for yourself, the support mechanisms are no longer there. Your friends and family want to help but they haven’t been down this path before.

This is why I created BLG. A supportive community which provides you;

  • Dedicated community of like minded business owners.
  • The Boost take action program.
  • Verified AAA suppliers.
  • Monthly training workshops.
  • Local meetups.
  • Direct coaching access to the Founder Paul Higgins.
  • Discounts from approved affiliates.
  • Access to the 5 Rapid Growth drivers framework.
  • Active forums.
  • Membership folder & book.
  • Support when you need.

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So why did I create this?

I was once a corporate high flyer, working for one of the biggest brands on the plant, in a high pressured and paid role, but I felt there was more to give.

Fast forward five years and I had under delivered to my wife, told my children no holidays and I was about to throw it all in and get another job.

There was one  problem - I had left corporate because I had to manage an inherited disease, so I felt trapped.

The last roll of the dice I joined a community and mastermind and in 6 months my business was humming and I travelled Europe with my family for 2 months. All good.

The only gap was finding people like me. The people in the community were great, however they didn’t come from a corporate background.

So after searching the world I decided to launch my own community and that is how BLG began.

We at BLG get you and where you came from .

We are here to support you to rapidly grow your dream business faster if you were to do it alone.